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"Take your hands off the keyboard, what is this scene about?"

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A very successful Producer expressed this kernel of knowledge to Zachary.  He soon realized an editor has to conceptualize, imagine, create, have knowledge and collaborate . . . they have to be a storyteller. 


Zachary learned the basics of storytelling while earning a degree in Theatre at San Diego State University. In Hollywood,  he studied Meisner technique and worked as an actor, performing in multiple feature films.  Recognizing a good performance is crucial in editing. 


His next journey in storytelling was writing and directing.  Zachary wrote three feature films and directed two.  He also directed multiple TV shows and documentaries.   Crafting a finished product takes a discerning "eye", one that looks for what is dynamic.


Zachary's journey brought him to the edit bay where he has all of his storytelling experience with me


"There are thousands of choices to consider.  The collaborative process of making those choices and bringing an engaging story to life, is thrilling". - Zachary Weintraub 

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