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The Dark and the Wicked Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Indie
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"One of the scariest supernatural horror films

of all time",  Forbes

NY Times "Pick of the Week

"It's frights linger long after it's over", The Hollywood Reporter

"...doesn't follow the usual horror movie rules.  And  that's a good thing", LA Times

"A masterpiece", Creative Loafing

"A haunting masterpiece", Making Horror Happy


'''Soul Mates' is setting us up for the kill. The film’s theme song is “Getting to Know You” — the original trilling version from “The King and I” (1956)... And that bauble of catchy innocence is meant to underlie that in the age of online dating, getting to know you has never been a more deceptive — or treacherous — hall of mirrors", Variety

HURT | 2021 | Trailer HD
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"The film does a great job of “showing and not telling,.",  Bloody Disgusting

"The best horror film of the year.", Movies in Focus

"Evokes deep rural scares to rival the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE", Rue Morgue

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